Considering A Waterbed Mattress For Bedroom

Waterbed mattresses are a popular consumer item in the USA. Because of their leak-prone designs and bulky weight, Waterbed Heaters started losing their popularity, only to regain their reputation recently. Today, advanced digital technology waterbeds are sold, enhancing the overall sleeping and bedroom experience. Also referred to as pleasure pits mattresses, they serve as medical aid as well.

What is a waterbed?

It is a floating vinyl mattress filled with water. The waterbed mattress heaters consist of bladders or water tubes and are supported by frames. The contemporary waterbed mattresses are designed in a way that they don’t need any separate frame for support and stability. Digital waterbed heater mattresses are featured with temperature-controlled units to ensure one can sleep on a warm bed at night.

Maintenance of waterbeds

Maintenance is one of the aspects that must be followed strictly by users. There are multiple reasons facilitating the need to maintain a waterbed.

  • One has to refill the waterbed whenever it is demanded. Furthermore, the waterbed mattresses hold more than 200 gallons of water.
  • A waterbed conditioner must be used to prevent the vinyl from getting damaged.
  • The leaks need to be fixed from time to time. The waterbed repair kit is readily available and is ideal for repairing leaks. The kit usually includes a vinyl repair patch and liquid cement.
  • When one is planning to move the waterbed heater from one position to the other, eliminating the waterbed frame is important.

Pros of waterbed mattresses

Waterbed Heaters are comfortable and beneficial additions to bedrooms. The advantages are:

  • Waterbed mattresses are beneficial for those individuals who experience acute and severe back pain. The mattress has a reputation to eliminate pressure from the spine area and offer maximum relief.
  • The even distribution of body weight helps the mattress to relax and sleep comfortably, especially for people suffering from paralysis and other serious illness that have made them bedridden.
  • One of the highlighting benefits of waterbed mattresses is that it is easy to clean and maintain, and the dust and dirt particles can be wiped away regularly with vinyl cleaner and a soft cloth. When regular cleaning of waterbed heaters is initiated, it is no chance of dust mites getting accumulated in the bed.

Waterbed mattress expense

Depending on the size, features included, and brand, the cost of waterbed heaters varies. The entry-range waterbeds don’t include the frame. One has to purchase the pump, waterbed heater, and frame separately. Thus, the total expenditure goes up. Furthermore, the mid-range waterbed mattresses feature waterbed heaters and pillow tops. The mid-range usually belong to the hard side waterbeds. Finally, the high-range waterbeds include all the accessories that are required to sleep comfortably.


Waterbed Heaters are beneficial for individuals with back pain, disturbed sleep, and are bedridden.  Often people back out from investing in waterbed heaters because of regular maintenance and dedicated cleaning. When the right product is purchased, and utilized, it is worthy of investment and regular cleaning. A properly maintained waterbed mattress can last more than 15 years or so.

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