The Benefits of Getting Your Eyes Checked Regularly

Here are the reasons why you should have your eyes checked regularly by an eye doctor in Avon or wherever you are from!

  1. Gives a health baseline

When you have eye exams as your doctor will recommend, you develop a baseline of eye tissues. If there are any changes, your eye doctor will detect them easily so they can make the appropriate changes.

Baseline comprehensive exams are necessary before or when you turn 40 years old. Eye doctors can track your eye health for the long run to maintain optimum eye health. You can find an affordable eye exam with professionals like Dr. Tavel being able to serve you, so you won’t have to worry about price!

  1. Identifies any potential issues

Did you know that the eye is the only part of our body where doctors have a clear view of nerves, connecting tissue, and blood vessels? It would also have an amazing role in communicating with other parts of our body, reflecting medical issues that are located in other areas. Eye doctors can detect just a tiny dot in our eye’s blood vessels in eye exams, which may mean a mass that could lead to stroke or sign of cancer. So it isn’t just about eye health, but your entire body.

Besides that, eye doctors can also detect other potential medical issues such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, brain bleed, head trauma, stroke, sexually transmitted diseases, and more. This doesn’t include eye diseases, which they can diagnose early for immediate intervention before it becomes worse.

  1. Not a substitute for eye exams

You might think that passing vision screening at work or school means that we have great eyesight and there’s nothing to worry about. However, these are incorrect assumptions. Vision screenings would only screen out those who have apparent vision problems, while comprehensive eye exams will make sure that your vision is clear and comfortable while checking for any potentially seriour eye diseases which won’t be apparent through vision screenings alone.

  1. Diagnose myopia and glaucoma

Glaucoma is a sneaky eye diseases without any noticeable symptoms in earlier cases. If you don’t have your eye exams regularly, you won’t even know you have glaucoma until after permanent vision loss. By that time, controlling the disease is challenging and may lead to blindness.

Early detection is done through routine eye exams, so it prevents your eyes from getting worse.

The same goes for myopia, which are becoming more and more common in children. This is a condition where one experiences nearsightedness that would continue on and progress throughout childhood, which increases the risk of sight-threatening eye conditions as they grow.

With routine eye exams, it can assess one’s risk for eye diseases and detect it early to take appropriate control measures to slow the disease’s progression and lower any risks of other serious conditions in the long run.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know why you should get your eyes checked regularly, it’s time to find the suitable eye doctor to fit your needs.

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